Security in the platform

FAD® is safer than paper thanks to its
unique technological elements
, which are
integrated into:

Mobile app:

  • Validation of the operating system (No Jailbreak or Root)
  • Validation of the app development certificate
  • Encryption of information under the AES-256 standard
  • TLS private communication protocol
  • Storage of keys and codes in Keychain of the device
  • Storage of data and files in an encrypted database


  • 256 bit SHA-2 Hash Algorithm to validate the authenticity and inalterability of information
  • Packaging and encryption of Digital signature with AES-256 algorithm
  • Encrypted BD storage
  • PDF file with security code
  • Monolithic files .FAD1 and .FAD® with signature information


  • All communications are made on the protocol TLS that preserves the integrity of the information and does so on a private channel
  • The Communication with CECOBAN is done over SSL
  • The ASN.1 format is used to simplify the communication with CECOBAN