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!Sign documents securely and instantly, on any device!


The only multimedia autograph signature that has 100% legal compliance

FAD® is a handwritten signature on electronic media, functional equivalent to a handwritten signature on paper. It includes technological components of prevention and security, such as:

Video firmando

The person is video recorded while signing.


Signature registration.


Video of the signer accepting the commitment.

Código autenticidad

Authenticity and verification codes.

centroflecha final
Documento firmado

…which together make up a certified, unique and unrepeatable document.

Constancia de conservación

Conservation of constancy.

Documento firmado

…which together make up a certified, unique and unrepeatable document.


With FAD® get documents signed remotely.

Prevent identity theft, FAD® complies with the laws of the latin countries in Europe and America.

We have:

Biometría Facial

Biometric facial recognition.

Huella dactilar

Fingerprint verification.

Validación ine

Identity card validation online.

Cumplimiento jurídico

Legal compliance

Based on the Commercial Code, Federal Civil Code and other legal systems, FAD® complies with the principles of Reliability, which are:

Integrity: reliability of the method to ensure that the information was not altered (NOM-151-SCFI-2016)

Attribution: the guarantee that the signers are who they say they are and accept the agreement

Accessibility: ensure that content is available to all signers



FAD® guarantees the privacy of information, reduces the risk of fraud, fights identity theft and much more …

Thanks to its unique technological elements, such as the traceability of the graph, secure communications, an algorithm to validate the authenticity and inalterability of information , among others.

Huella de auditoría

Audit footprint

Increase the quality of the service and provide total legal certainty to your customers.

13 elements composed the audit footprint and makes the commitment between signers irrefutable, as it stores detailed information about the signature process.

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Copyright and Intellectual property.

FAD® Digital Signature Autograph®, is a computer program protected by international copyright laws, with an international patent in process. Reproduction, disclosure, distribution, reverse engineering and any act that attempts against the scoop of the work is a crime, and is punishable under the current international and national legislation. FAD® and Digital Signature Autograph® are trademarks of MUUK Technologies, all rights reserved. Registration at the National Institute of Copyright, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

FAD® is a product of NA-AT Technologies.

NA-AT is a company founded in 2005, with the dream of developing advanced technology from Mexico to the world. With more than 10 years in the financial sector, more than 150 mobile apps developed, more than 50 transactional portals and more than 500 Back-end projects, the NA-AT innovation team took on the task of inventing a new technology signature that allows, based on Mexican laws, sign agreements from any Smartphone.