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Frequent Questions

1Does the signature of documents through FAD® have the same validity as the signature on paper?

The regulatory framework considers the digital signature as the functional equivalent to a paper signature, using “electronic means” as vehicles to give certainty among the parties to an agreement. Thus, FAD® is a handwritten signature that is embodied in an electronic device, perfectly valid as a means of evidence of consent, even when written form is required, having full legal value.

2Which documents can I sign with FAD®?

With FAD®, you can sign applications, contracts, promissory notes, receipts, orders and much more. In fact, FAD® allows you to sign any type of document that requires legal certainty in mobile and digital environments. For more information, visit:

3Do I need internet to use FAD®?

The Internet connection is necessary in order to obtain the document to be signed. Once you are inside the application, you can sign without a connection, and your signature on the document will be sent as soon as your internet connection is restored.

4Can I sign offline (without Internet)?

Yes, once you have the document to sign within the FAD® mobile app, you can sign without internet. For example, you can sign while you are traveling on a plane and send the signed documents once you arrive at your destination, once your connection is restored.

5Can all the people involved in the document sign on the same smartphone?

Yes, with FAD®, all signatories can sign on the same device.

6Can those involved sign a document on different smartphones?

Yes, with FAD®, those involved can sign from their smartphone, regardless of whether they are in different geographical locations.

7Is it safe to sign using FAD®?

FAD® is safer than paper thanks to the different technological elements applied in the document and in the solution (multimedia identification elements, verification and constancy codes, information encryption, etc.). For more information, visit:

8Where are stored the documents signed with FAD®?

The documents signed with FAD® are stored on our servers TEMPORARILY – 90 days after they are signed – and at the same time, we deposit them in the repositories that you have designated for it.

9What are the purchase models to acquire FAD®?

With FAD®, you can pay for document signature or by a monthly rental plan with which you can sign unlimitedly. For more information, please get in touch with us at:

10How do I download the FAD® mobile app?

When you finish configuring the document to be signed, a link is sent by SMS to download the FAD® mobile app.

11Is the document saved on the smartphone after signing it?

No, when the document is ready to be signed on the smartphone, it lives in an encrypted database. Once it is signed, the database is deleted from the device without leaving any traces.

12Can the document be modified after it has been signed and sent to the signatory during the signature process?

No, FAD® uses several security mechanisms, using secure communication through the use of TLS, sending the encrypted information with a hash of authenticity verification.

13What is the Certificate of Conservation for?

A Certificate of Conservation (NOM 151) is obtained from a third party, which provides us with:

  • Legal evidence of integrity and inalterability on a document in case of controversy
  • Compliance with legal changes
  • The exact time that an electronic document was generated

14How can I be sure that the operation of the signature cannot be altered or modified?

FAD® provides an irrefutable set of evidence through an Audit Footprint composed of 13 elements, among which are:

  • Handwritten autograph of the signatory
  • Video that records the autograph action of the signer and the person signing simultaneously
  • Video of recognition of the commitment acquired by the signatory. For more information, visit:

15What are the main functionalities of the system?

With FAD®, you can link your repository or document management system and configure the areas where those involved will sign. Later, you can send them the link to download the mobile app from stores and install it, as well as a QR code or link that will contain the document to sign.

16If I encounter any issues with the operation of FAD®, do I have support?

Yes, you will have support via email, with a response in less than 24 hours.

17What about the updates of FAD® after it is purchased?

You will receive all the updates that our development team continues to implement for the constant improvement of FAD®.