Audit footprint

The 13 elements that give legal certainty to
the compromise between the signatories

The Digital Signature Autograph® process generates an Audit Footprint that can be of great value before a the judge point of view, as an irrefutable set of evidence. Consisting of 13 elements, the Audit Footprint provides certainty to the compromise between signatories, since it stores the database the following information:

Authentication by SMS that contains a link or Push Notification

sent to the signer, owner of the device

Identification of the signatory

using name, email or phone

Device identification

using the unique identifier of the equipment, application-device identifier, IMEI, device name, brand and model


from the moment in which each signature was made

Manuscript Autograph Record

of the signer

Video of the autograph action and the person

signing (simultaneously)

Autograph speed, coordinates and impacts

Video recognition of commitment

of the signatory

Monolithic file protected integration

with the SHA256 algorithm

Conservation Certificate

(NOM 151) issued by Authorized Certifier by the Ministry of Economy

Generation of .FAD® file

with the sources, to settle disputes

Sending a document signed copy

to the parties

Transaction log for Back-end audit

en backend