Use cases

What can be signed with FAD®?

-Contracts in general

-On-site collection contracts

-Instructions without transporting letters


-Promissory notes

-Life Insurance Service Request and GMM

-Credit car

-Delivery-reception acts

-Relations with suppliers

In Banks

deal for origination, recruitment
and placement processes; with
FAD® you can sign contracts,
instructions, orders, requests,
among others.

In Insurance Companies

Applies to any type of
insurance, you can sign
applications, claims,
reimbursements, provider
services and more.

In Brokerage Houses

Contracts, instructions, orders,
requests, withdrawals, and

FAD® is also very useful for home equity loan, Sofomes, Sofipos, Afores and much more.


Direct connection to business systems

Speed up the business process and increases the possibility of closing sales

Increase service quality and impress customers

Promotes an immediate reduction of stationery

Decrease the number of visits for a sale closing

Guarantees the security of the information sensitive for the customer

Decreases the cost of physical storage

Provides total legal certainty for contracts and agreements

Reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft

Reduce human errors and rework